GRAMMY U - Songwriting MasterClass with Brandi Carlile

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On November 10, 2012, San Francisco Chapter GRAMMY U Members participated in a Songwriting MasterClass with Brandi Carlile. Strapped with guitars, violas, and other implements of creation, the students began their experience by watching Brandi Carlile execute an intimate sound check. Members participated in an in-depth Q&A with Brandi along with her songwriting team, Phil and Tim Hanseroth. The defining moment of the evening was when each participant had the incredible opportunity to perform their songs and get feedback from the touring musicians.

See what some of the members had to say about the experience:


“As a songwriter getting feedback from someone whose work you admire is something very valuable and is a rare opportunity. Getting to sit down, chat, and play songs for Brandi, Tim, and Phil was exhilarating and inspiring. Not only was it fantastic to get personal feedback about my song from Brandi, Tim and Phil, it was wonderful to get to hear my peers' art that I haven't heard before.”

       -     Max Allen


“This event was inspiring. Inspiring not in the sense that a masterclass in songwriting was offered,which was a privilege, but that an established artist such as Brandi Carlile was willing to meet with students to hear their songs. She and the twins had a great humility and it made me want to be a better artist in both musicianship and as a person who encourages growth in young musicians.”

      -     Joshua Redden


To see photos from the event, please visit our media gallery.