New York - GRAMMY U: The Masters' Critique

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GRAMMY U: The Masters’ Critique Live Event

April 19th (New York Chapter)- The Academy's NY Chapyer office hosted GRAMMY U: The Masters’ Critique, a live event co-hosted with Indaba Music, at its offices, bringing the month+ event to a close.  The event saw the 10 finalists (5 GRAMMY U, 5 Indaba) of The Masters’ Critique that had been selected out of hundreds of submissions, on, present their recordings to a panel of four judges critiquing based on the tracks’ production qualities, commercial viability, songwriting, and audio engineering.   The panel of judges included:  Bob Power as the Producer, Ruby Marchand as the Executive, Jeannie Ortega as the Songwriter, and Ariel Borujow as the Engineer. 

The finalists of GRAMMY U: The Masters’ Critique included:  Peter Chun (GRAMMY U, Berklee School of Music), Ace Reporter (Indaba), Devonte Singer (GRAMMY U, Berklee School of Music), SV (Indaba), Amy Maxwell (GRAMMY U, SUNY Oneonta), Orange Grove (Indaba), Brooke Monroe (GRAMMY U, Institute of Audio Research), Rory Sullivan & The Second Season (Indaba), Alek Razdan (GRAMMY U, Tufts University), and Hannah Read (Indaba). 

Each song was played in front of an audience of GRAMMY U members, and guests, with panelists then providing live critiques of the tracks based on their professional experiences, with the intent to develop and educate each artist and audience member regarding the intricacies of the recording business.  Following the live critiquing of the tracks by the panelists, a brief 15 minute intermission was held in which audience members were provided time to network and talk with one another while the judges deliberated.  Following an intense deliberation between the judges, the field of 10 finalists was narrowed down to one GRAMMY U member, and one Indaba member. 

The top GRAMMY U artist was announced as Alek Razdan, and the top Indaba member was announced as Ace Reporter

The final winner, as chosen by the judges, was Ace Reporter with his track “Untouched & Arrived,” which can be heard here.  Ace Reporter will be receiving free recording time at a New York City studio, free mastering of their track by RAK Mastering in London, and a meeting with a record label executive that will be chosen based on their genre of music.  Feedback for the event was extremely positive, and we look forward to watching the careers of all of our finalists unfold!  A special thank you to Indaba, our amazing panel of judges for their incredible critiquing and the time they devoted to the project, and to all of those who submitted to the Critique. 

Following The Masters’ Critique, members of GRAMMY U and Indaba were also given the exclusive opportunity to attend Nickelback at Madison Square Garden.  Chad Neville, the GRAMMY U Campus Rep from SUNY – Albany reported:

“Performing for the first time at Madison Square Garden, Nickelback put on quite a show! Their Rock and Roll performance brought the audience to their feet while they flew through the air on their spinning platform.  Fire, lights, and loud bangs made for a spectacular show. Jamming to the beat of the crowd, Nickelback played some new songs; When We Stand Together and Lullaby, just to name a few, from their new album Here & Now.  When it was “Beer Time,” they brought it. I mean cups of beer and rolled-up t-shirts were launched into the crowd. Hearing Nickelback play in the Garden for the first time, you could sense the feeling of pride in the audience and on stage. Their show was a great beginning in their 2012 Here & Now Tour.” – Chad Neville, SUNY Albany