Philadelphia - GRAMMY Camp - SoundCheck with Esperanza Spalding

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The Philadelphia Chapter, in partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation and GRAMMY U, hosted GRAMMY Camp - SoundCheck with Esperanza Spalding on October 14th at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia, PA. Touring in continuing support of her album, Chamber Music Society, Spalding gave high school and college students a glimpse into a professional soundcheck before sitting down to discuss creating and studying music with high school and college students.

“Studying music is like studying a language,” Spalding told students as they were gathered in the first few rows of the beautiful theater. She recounted what brought her to studying music to students who were intently listening to her every word. When asked why she decided to pursue music in an academic setting she said that music school provided a “fertile ground” where she could soak up ideas and be “surrounded by like minds.”

Spalding mused that “you can’t turn off that part of your brain,” when asked about when and where she prefers to create. Though she doesn’t have as much free time since gaining so much national exposure from her 2011 GRAMMY win, she still always finds way to constantly be creating no matter where she is. Spalding said that she is inspired to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When it comes to collaborating through live performance that “chemistry is something you can’t premeditate.” Spalding has been able to share the stage with one of her musical influences, Philadelphia’s own The Roots at this past year’s Roots Picnic, though.

All in all, attendees left excited to have had the chance to shake hands with such a down to earth and talented individual. The insight Spalding had to share with students surely left a mark on their minds as they left the theater that night.

Photo 1: Esperanza Spalding with GRAMMY U and high school students at the Merriam Theater.

Photo: Reuben Wilson, GRAMMY U