PNW: Off the Record with GRAMMY U Representative Amy Piñon

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Name: Amy Piñon

Title: Grammy U Student Representative

What do you do at The Recording Academy?

I am responsible for promoting the growth of Grammy U membership by visiting various colleges and universities as well as helping to plan workshops and networking events to encourage participation from members, as well as to further grow our membership.

What are you studying in school?

I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Audio Design Technology at the Art Institute of Seattle.

You have a long bus commute to school each day. How do you pass the time?

I usually always listen to music on my ipod, sometimes listening to an entire album or skipping from artist to artist, as I listen to music to suit my mood at the moment. At times I may even whip out sudoku on my phone - anything that can keep my mind engaged while there is little to do and little area to move about.

You’re involved with The Vera Project. Tell me about what you do there.

I just retired as the Ver(a)rt Gallery intern. During that time, I coordinated the September Gallery Show, updated the gallery portion of the website, maintained our social network outlets, and managed Mural Call and Solo & Group Show submissions. As of now, I am trying my best to remain an active member of the Programming, Gallery, and Diversity committees, and constantly strive for new outlets to get Vera's name out there and make this wonderful place known to more people.

What was your first concert?

I'm sure my first concert was something that I can't remember because I was very young, but what I consider to be my first concert was Miyavi at Showbox at the Market, June 18th, 2010. It was the first concert that I ever experienced being in a moshpit, and was the first J-Rock concert I had been to. Memories like those you just don't forget, and since then, I have been to three other J-Rock concerts in Seattle: D'espairsray, Dir En Grey with Apocalyptica, and exist†trace

What are five local (PNW) bands you’re into right now?

Death Cab for Cutie has been a long time favorite, I just started listening to The Long Winters and I love their sound and vibe. A shout out to To The Sea. Citizen Escape, and The Lucky Strikes, all bands which I have had the privilege of recording and who I think have mad potential to make it big in the Seattle music scene.