San Francisco - GRAMMY SoundChecks With Geographer

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On February 23, 15 GRAMMY U members gathered at The Independent in San Francisco for a GRAMMY SoundChecks with the Bay Area based electro-pop/ independent band and Noise Pop headliner Geographer. Their combination of class rock band instruments of guitar, bass and drums is enhanced by synths, keys and electronics. Lastly, Nathan Blaz on cello invigorates the sound á la Arcade Fire and other more experimental acts gaining media attention currently in North America.

After performing “Kites” and “Original Sin”—two songs off their new album Animal Shapes—the band finished their soundcheck with an older song “Rushing in, Rushing Out”. Lead singer Mike Deni, who also plays guitar, keys, synths and bass, sat on the edge of the stage with Brian Ostreicher (drums, vocals) and Blaz (cello, electronics) for a Q & A with GRAMMY U members once the were done playing their dance-ready tunes. 

The bands label owner—Julie Schuchard of Tricycle Records—also helped answer questions from eager GRAMMY U members. Schuchard and the band members answered members concerns on how “D.I.Y” (Do It Yourself) artists are able to solicit label interest. Tricycle is a small label, and Schuchard explained that when Geographer approached them, they showed impressive knowledge of the label, which was a huge incentive for Schuchard to sign them. 

Members were also curious about the geography of Geographer- particularly of lead singer Deni. Originally from New Jersey, members were interested to hear why he left the East Coast, and why the band chose the Bay Area as their new home. Geographer explained that they love the very tight-knit and unique music community in San Francisco and will not be “leaving anytime soon”. 

Once members got their fill of advice on a life in the music industry—be it as an independent artists or a manager or record label owner—Geographer posed for a group photo. Students left the Independent with invaluable insight on the music business from an incredibly talented up-and-coming band. A big thank you to the GRAMMY Foundation, Geographer and Tricycle Records for making this possible.

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GRAMMY® SoundChecks is a nationwide program offering students an opportunity to interact with accomplished musical artists and other industry professionals. This year-round program includes question and answer sessions that serve to inform students about prospective careers in the music/recording industry. Top recording artists and other industry professionals make themselves available to speak with high school and college students in small group settings at schools and concert venues.