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The Florida Chapter was officially established in November 1995. Recognizing the growing music industry in South Florida, The Recording Academy chose Miami Beach as its Florida headquarters. The Chapter is an integral part of the region's music industry, expanding its presence throughout a state that has one of the most diverse, talented, and fastest-growing music communities in the country.

The Florida Chapter office is located on Lincoln Road in the restored Albion Hotel in the heart of Miami Beach's historic Art Deco District. The office is conveniently located near many of Florida's music companies including major and independent record labels, publishers, performing rights organizations, and music television networks. In a growing trend, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and other areas of the state are being recognized, both nationally and internationally, as active music centers crossing many genres. Historically significant recording studios join with the large number of well-known local artists, songwriters, producers, and engineers to further strengthen the state's musical scene.

Since its inception, the Florida Chapter has developed programming to reach its diverse membership throughout Florida and Puerto Rico. In the past, the Florida Chapter held or participated in events in Ft. Lauderdale; Gainesville; Miami; Miami Beach; Orlando; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Tampa; and West Palm Beach.

Florida Chapter programs consist of professional education and networking opportunities along with other events geared toward the music community. These events include panel discussions held to provide information on the current status of specific topics within the music industry. The events are aimed toward both industry professionals and developing newcomers and unite the membership in meetings of current and future friends and artistic partners.  Also in the mix is the Chapter’s new talent recognition event, Florida GRAMMY Showcase, which has become an annual spotlight on emerging artists in the area.

Student education is also a priority, and in conjunction with the GRAMMY Foundation, the Florida Chapter also presents GRAMMY Camp – Basic Training, an annual event for local high school music students. This year, the program was presented in Miami at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music. 

For more information, or to become involved, please call 305.672.4060.



President                                  Trustees
Greg "Stryke" Chin                   Carlos Alvarez
Vice-President                         Beth Cohen
Melanie Masterson                   Dan Warner
Elsten Torres

Randy Barlow                             James Bass
Bryan Bassett
Beth Cohen
Michael Dagnery
Jimmy Douglass
Serona Elton
Doug Emery
Mike Fuller
Javier Garza
Christopher Glansdorp
Nate "Danja" Hills
Gloria Lemmey
Lee Levin
Angela N. Martinez                   

Pete Masitti
Boris Milan
Veronica "Milcho" Milchorena
Tom Morris
Ivan Parron
Armando "Pitbull" Perez
Lauren Reskin
Julio Reyes Copello
Leesa Richards
Andres Saavedra
Eric Schilling
Elsten Torres
Mark Tremonti
Dan Warner
Angel Zamora

Kristian Krempel
Radha Mehta
311 Lincoln Rd., Suite 301
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Ph: 305.672.4060
Fx: 305.672.2076