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The Recording Academy's San Francisco Chapter was the seventh Chapter to open, spearheaded by a local group of industry professionals in 1974. From its beginnings at Golden State Recorders studio to its present location on Page Street in San Francisco's Performing Arts district, the Chapter's offices and membership have always reflected the history of the local music industry and the colorful, dynamic, outspoken culture and sounds of the Bay Area.

The Bay Area has been one of the most productive and innovative music industry communities for decades. The "Summer of Love" era in the 1960s spawned the "San Francisco Sound" that shaped future generations. It is the birthplace of such legends as Sly & The Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, and the Grateful Dead, and home to GRAMMY Award winners such as Santana, Green Day, Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony, Kronos Quartet, Narada Michael Walden, Tom Waits, and Metallica. Today's Bay Area artists carry on a history of activism and social consciousness by supporting numerous causes that benefit the music community worldwide. And the technological influence of Silicon Valley has made the San Francisco Bay Area a growth center for music in a broad range of new media applications. The San Francisco Chapter boasts more than 1,000 members spread throughout Northern California, Northern Nevada, Colorado, and Utah.

The San Francisco Chapter has remained true to its unwavering commitment to serve its musicians, music industry professionals and the community at-large. Through its extensive programs, initiatives and member benefits, the Chapter creates music learning and career development opportunities for students and recording industry professionals alike. Each year, the San Francisco Chapter produces more than 30 educational programs in classrooms, studios and theaters throughout the western region. The Chapter strives to support music education and arts organizations, to foster an open dialogue between all members of our community, and to impart the value of music and develop the next generation of artists and community leaders.



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