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Members may promote their music to other members on GRAMMY365 EXCLUDING category numbers. To be respectful of your fellow members and to maintain the integrity of the site, we ask all members to follow the instructions below.

1.Post links to your music only in the field in which it’s been submitted and approved for. The list of fields is available in the GRAMMY Awards section of the forum area of the site. DO NOT POST CATEGORY OR FIELD NUMBERS. Any entry with that information posted will be removed.

2.Members may also post music to their network of contacts or in their profile

3.Do not post music anywhere else on site. Music posted in non approved areas will be taken down immediately without notice. If it is reposted, the member will risk being removed from GRAMMY365.

4.Respect your fellow members. Do not solicit contact requests in an effort to promote your entry.

If you have any questions, or wish to report a violation of these guidelines, please email membership@GRAMMY.comor contact Member Services at 310.581.8722.

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What's the difference between an entry and a nomination?

Entries are recordings submitted for GRAMMY consideration. Entries that meet all eligibility requirements are then voted on by The Academy's voting members and the results of that vote are the nominations.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

For the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards, albums must be released between Oct. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013. Recordings must be in general distribution in the United States, i.e. sales by label to a branch or recognized independent distributor, via the Internet, or mail order/retail sales for a nationally marketed product.

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How are recordings entered?

The Academy accepts entries online from its members and from registered labels. Entrants are provided information on how to submit their recordings electronically for consideration.

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Who can vote?

Recording Academy voting members only. Record companies do not vote.

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How many GRAMMY categories are there?

There are currently 29 fields (Pop, Gospel, Classical, etc.) and 82 categories within those fields.

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How are categories changed or added?

Proposals for changes to the categories are reviewed each year by The Academy's Awards & Nominations Committee, with final approval by The Academy's Trustees. Proposals may be submitted by any member. Contact the Awards department for more information.

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What is the difference between Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year?

The Record Of The Year category recognizes the artist’s performance as well as the overall contributions of the producer(s), recording engineer(s) and/or mixer(s) if other than the artist. The Song Of The Year category recognizes the songwriter(s).

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