The Recording Academy would like to invite you to become a Member. Why?

By submitting and voting in the GRAMMY process, your voice as an independent artist is amplified.  The GRAMMY is a peer-voted award – not decided by a committee or the public nor is it based on sales. The GRAMMY is awarded by musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and other recording industry professionals who are making music today, just like you. If you want to help shape and shift this industry, becoming a member is the first step to allowing your voice to not only Be Heard, but it’s also the first step to... well, everything.

The GRAMMY Awards given out on the telecast are only a fraction of the 78 total GRAMMYs awarded.  Nearly half of the GRAMMYs awarded in 2010 went to independent artists.  Winners spanned genres from Rock to Blues to Gospel to Americana.

When you become a member, you have the opportunity to shape who is nominated for and receives a GRAMMY as well as who performs on the show.  And becoming a Voting member is easy --

**Anyone who has credits on 6 tracks of a commercially released album or 12 digitally-released tracks on projects released in the past five years qualifies to vote in the annual GRAMMY Awards.** 

Membership is not exclusively for major label artists, and over 11,000 voting members are part of the GRAMMY process each year.

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When you become a member you have access to our members-only website GRAMMY365, allowing you to network and share music and reviews with thousands of other music professionals around the world.  It is also your way to bounce ideas off of your fellow members, view educational programs from around the country, and serves as a gateway to hundreds of member discounts including travel, gear, software, conferences and subscriptions and many more additional freebies added throughout the year.

MusiCares, a not-for-profit extension of The Recording Academy, helps musicians in need with the Emergency Financial Assistance Program, providing critical funds for people in the music industry struggling with financial, medical or personal crises. MusiCares is known for its Addiction Recovery Program, as well as numerous preventive clinics and health fairs nationwide.

The GRAMMY Foundation, another not-for-profit extension of The Academy, works in education, preservation and advancement, including promoting and teaching kids about potential music careers.

Advocacy for legislation affecting the music industry, including artists’ copyright protection and royalties, as well as music education funding for schools. Just this September, Recording Academy lobbying helped bring about an FCC decision allocating two channels dedicated to wireless microphones in every market in the country. That type of Academy advocacy affects every artist, indie and otherwise.  

As you can see, the rest of the year we serve as an advocate for musician’s rights, a leader in music education, a helping hand for musicians struggling with addiction problems, and a foundation for students to begin their careers in music.

Being an independent artist doesn’t preclude you from being part of The Recording Academy, in fact, as an independent artist you are already part of a community of music makers dedicated to creating, playing and promoting music. 

For more information or to join the Academy ranks, visit our website: